Data Consulting

Data Consulting

Any enterprise can become competitive only when it has access to more relevant, accurate, timely and complete data about all its business transactions and performance metrics, and its customers, prospects and partners, its products and markets and a myriad other issues. Considering the exploding volumes of data that are generated across all channels of a global enterprise in today’s world, businesses must overcome multiple challenge of creating, finding, selecting, and managing data that is complete, accurate, relevant and secure, apart from its uniform and assured availability to all leaders who need this data to take appropriate decisions from a single point of truth to run their routine operations.

Large organizations build multiple IT and OT systems from time to time in response to emerging business needs and challenges. The cumulative effect of too many systems that proliferate unchecked over time and in many instances in complete isolation from each other is ultimately not a very useful contributor to deliver the business needs of the present. We bring together the disparate systems into one cohesive and responsive system of systems that enable you to visualize your business across 360*, 24x7 every day of the week.

We bring a compelling option for our clients that render visibility across all their systems and processes by integrating each sub-system with the others in its defined universe of systems. We ensure that the necessary degree of reengineering that such an initiative may require is delivered to perfection without any disruption or volatility in your operations.

  • Comprehensive enterprise audit to determine the marginal utility of all systems and processes in operation
  • Business reengineering to realign your operations to your present day objectives and long term goals
  • Design and implementation of systems integration to maximize data utility and use across the organization

Businesses invest in technology to address a prioritized set of needs and challenges that may unlock significant value for the organization. Business intelligence and data analytics as an investment area is no stranger to this paradigm and this makes it all the more imperative to assess the real needs of an organization prior to committing resources into the same.

Our portfolio of strategic and advisory services set the right context, direction and expectation for our clients when they evaluate the business intelligence needs and capabilities of their organization. The focus of our services is to evaluate and improve the maturity of our client business in its adoption of business intelligence and data analytics.

  • Determination of KPI and metrics for business operations optimization
  • Creation of roadmap for business intelligence and data analytics
  • Design and implementation of enterprise business intelligence solution
data consulting
Data Integration & Consulting

Get a clear view of your business by harmoniously unifying all your data sets from disparate sources in real time. Strategize the road ahead with our consulting team embedded into your organization to capitalize on all the bright ideas and big opportunities whenever they arise.

BI Maturity Assessment & Planning Services

Evaluate and assess your readiness and appetite to get started on your journey into the digital age. Identify and address all the gaps or inconsistencies in your existing processes necessary to optimize the availability and immediacy of data for all your transactions thus improving the response time of your business.

data analytics consulting
data consulting services
KPI & Metrics Identification & Design Services

Plan the right KPIs that accurately map the path to attaining your business objectives. Identify and design the right set of performance metrics that accurately capture the state of your business processes and enable you to be in control of all outcomes.

Data Governance Planning & Services

Engage the expertise of our team across industries and geographies to establish appropriate governance standards for your business data. Insulate your operations from all external shocks and risks that may adversely impact your processes and slow down your business throughput.