Data Security

Data Security

Encryption of data is foundational to software based security of business data, systems and applications. Our data security offerings leverage best in class rules and practices to ensure round the clock and foolproof security of customer data irrespective of their physical location and accessibility. Trust is the bedrock of security and we bring the best of zero trust methodologies to authenticate every single instance of access to your data thereby filtering out suspects and threats while also reinforcing potential vulnerabilities to improve the security, confidentiality and fidelity of your data, systems and applications manifold.

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Application Data Security Solutions

Ensure adequate protection for your data, systems and applications from threats and vulnerabilities irrespective of where, when or how they are used. Make your data, systems and applications resilient with an appropriate assessment of the security risks that they may be subjected to and build remedial measures into the design of your data model.

Enterprise Disaster Recovery Solutions

Implement disaster recovery solutions for your data, systems and applications that are resilient, scalable and configured for high availability. Our solutions ensure quick recovery of your business processes and expedited restoration of normalcy thus mitigating potential losses in your business.

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Customized Enterprise Business Continuity Solutions

Plan for sudden interruptions and contingencies that may result in disrupting your business flow with our enterprise business continuity solutions. Engage our team to determine what works best for your organization in line with its unique position in the market and your engagements your clients around the world.

Audit Log Applications & Security Analytics

Secure your data, systems and applications from any unauthenticated access that may lead to a compromise of its integrity. Implement security analytics on the audit log trails of the instances of accesses to your data, systems and applications to identify patterns of unauthorized access and take preventive measures.

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