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Ensuring Last mile Visibility in Consumer packaged Retail

We designed, built, and deployed a scalable platform for a plywood product retailer, which integrates the entire inventory stocking cycle in sync with the sales and invoicing process, thus automating a major portion of the retail workload.

  • Develop and implement an integrated supply chain management solution with financial management for statutory compliance
  • The client can easily track inventory, restock when needed, and fulfill customer orders
Distribution and Inventory Management
  • Implement an Inventory Management System with real-time tracking capabilities. Barcoding and RFID technology can enhance visibility, allowing businesses to monitor stock levels and movements accurately
  • Our team developed a data governance solution using Alation and Databricks Unity Catalog to provide visibility and lineage across the enterprise database by unifying their retail sales data with e-commerce data. We also created a data pipeline for all internal and external vendors and suppliers
  • Enhanced predictive analytics to foresee supply chain disruptions, demand fluctuations, and potential bottlenecks, allowing businesses to proactively address challenges.
  • Further integration of e-commerce platforms with inventory management systems to support omnichannel retailing, enabling businesses to meet customer demands across various channels seamlessly.
  • Increased use of collaborative robots (cobots) that work alongside human employees in warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency and safety.
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