About SPAATech

About SPAATech

We are an organization focused on leveraging the power of data to create new opportunities and drive growth for our clients. We believe in the mantra of “Synergy & Scalability” and measure our success by enabling all our clients to achieve the mission of their business.

We are a talented and energetic group of people with a deep understanding of the data sciences and the enthusiasm to delve deep into your transactions to discover new insights that can power your business to grow to the next level. Our clients trust us for the knowledge and experience that we bring to all our engagements to create successful partnerships that nurture them into the future.

Case Studies

Financial services | Case Studies

Financial services

A leading insurance brokerage house engaged our team to evaluate their existing business processes to plug gaps in the flow of customer data in their credit Read More

Retail Distribution | Case Studies

Retail Distribution

A large retailer of plywood products and derivatives intended to automate their inventory management and controls for finished goods to improve Read More

Retail Distribution | Case Studies

Wholesale Distribution

A large global distribution house operating out of Singapore opted for sought an automated solution to expedite the identification, extraction, and verification Read More

AEC | Case Studies

Architecture Engineering & Construction

A young consultancy in the AEC industry required a cost-effective solution for modeling 3D spaces wherein they could architect different Read More

what we offer

Take advantage of SPAATech Solutions' expert service while you tackle cutting-edge digital technology and concentrate on your unique company requirements. We can reach the market more quickly and more effectively than other companies to provide you the best IT Solution you need for your business.

Data Engineering

Synchronize multiple disparate and distributed data sources to build a coherent data pipe that ensures a complete view of your business. Read More

Data Analytics

Dive deep into your business datasets to gain valuable insights into emerging trends before they visibly impact your systems and processes. Read More

Data Consulting

Leverage our experience across industries and geographies to make sense of all your data to plan the next level of growth for your organization. Read More

Data Application

Design, build and maintain flexible and highly scalable applications enabling large transaction volumes to process useful business information. Read More

Data Security

Deploy adequate preventive measures to ensure that there are no threats to or breaches into your data systems that can potentially set your business back. Read More

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Meet Our Leader

Mike Khattab

Mike M. Khattab

Global Sales Head

Mike Khattab is responsible for managing sales and marketing, channel relations and business development efforts worldwide for SPAATech along with stewardship of revenue generation. Mike is a seasoned senior executive in sales and business development with a proven record Read More