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We are an organization focused on leveraging the power of data. We create opportunities and drive growth for our clients. Our brand mantra is “Synergy & Scalability”.

We are a talented and energetic group of people with a deep understanding of the principles of Data Science. We discover new insights that can power your business to grow to the next level. Our clients trust our core competencies and the value we deliver. This has helped us establish strong and rewarding long-term partnerships.

Ensure data integrity and build resilience in your business model to stay ahead in the market. To embark on this journey, contact us to perform any of the following exercises:

  • Business Intelligence and Readiness check
  • Data Quality Audit
  • Master Data Management
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We create the finest solutions for your business

We partner with the best technologies in Analytics and BI to revolutionize data analysis and address client issues. We enable clients to make the best use of their business data to improve efficiency and reliability.

Case Studies

Take advantage of our exemplary services to prosper. Choose our solutions and services to resolve your technical issues and increase your bottom line.

Retail Corporation in Revenue

A global company approached us to provide architectural solutions for implementing a data lakehouse and migrating their enterprise merchandise mart solutions from Teradata to Databricks. We created a self-service BI enterprise by integrating their internal.... Read More

Retail Distribution

A large retailer of plywood products and derivatives intended to automate their inventory management and controls for finished goods to improve processes relating to their sales operations. Our team designed, built, and deployed a scalable platform that... Read More

Wholesale Distribution

A large global distribution house operation in Singapore sought an automated solution to expedite the identification, extraction, and verification of data attributes that are common across multiple business documents. The data printed on the invoices... Read More

Global Logistics and Hospitality

Our team was engaged by an international firm to upgrade their existing data integration platform to a cloud-based industry-standard system using Talend. Additionally, we migrated their SAP-based reporting solutions to the cloud-based analytics platform Birst... Read More

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Take advantage of the SPAATech expertise to reshape your future. While you tackle the cutting-edge digital technology to address your requirements, we can provide you the best IT solutions to make a big impact.

Data Analytics

Dive deep into your business datasets to gain valuable insights into emerging trends before they visibly impact your systems and processes. Read More

Data Applications

Design, build and maintain flexible and highly scalable applications enabling large transaction volumes to process useful business information. Read More

Data Engineering

Synchronize multiple disparate and distributed data sources to build a coherent data pipe that ensures a complete view of your business. Read More