We are a data and analytics company that enables you to transform your operations by adopting data driven processes

Synergy & Scalability is our mantra

We are an organization focused on leveraging the power of data to create new opportunities and drive growth for our clients. We believe in the mantra of “Synergy & Scalability” and measure our success by enabling all our clients to achieve the mission of their business.

We are a talented and energetic group of people with a deep understanding of the data sciences and the enthusiasm to delve deep into your transactions to discover new insights that can power your business to grow to the next level. Our clients trust us for the knowledge and experience that we bring to all our engagements to create successful partnerships that nurture them into the future.

Who we are

How we work

We work as one team with your business. Our lean organization makes us responsive to your current business and the emerging needs to drive it into the future. We work in sync with you as one team to understand your strategic goals and address your future thus ensuring that you are always one step ahead of the market.

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Our Mission

We work to enable our clients to fulfill their mission by maximizing the value of their business data through the use of disciplined and innovative approaches in designing and delivering best-in-class services and solutions that are always

  • synergistic to their strategy
  • scalable to their needs

Define your data to be the leader is what we profess. We seek to be the enabler for our clients to rise up to the challenges to their business and the opportunities that they can exploit to lead their markets by leveraging the inherent power that lies within their business data and the knowledge that shall accrue from its analyses.


Tom Drez

Tom Drez

Board of Advisors

Prabir Chatterjee

Prabir Chatterjee

Chief Executive and Technology Officer

our commitemnts

our commitments

We strive to live up to all of our commitments each and every day at our work and in all the dealings with all the stakeholders in our business. This is the SPAATech Way and it is our firm belief that these commitments are the very foundations that hold us aloft and gives us strength to build valuable relations with all our clients.

  • Integrity is at the center of all our engagements with the world around us.
  • Inclusivity is how we conduct ourselves in the society that we live in.
  • Diversity is what keeps us united wherever in the world we go to work.
  • Respect is the key to all our relationships across the board.
  • Responsibility is what we all carry for the outcomes of our work.

360° Customer Enablement

360-degree customer enablement is a comprehensive approach to providing customers with the support and resources they need to succeed. This approach considers the entire customer journey, from pre-sale to post-sale, and provides a personalized experience tailored to each customer's unique needs and preferences.

Key elements of 360-degree customer enablement include access to self-service resources, personalized training and onboarding, ongoing support and troubleshooting, and a focus on building long-term customer relationships. The goal of 360-degree customer enablement is to help customers achieve their goals, drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately grow the business.

360° customer enablement

Smarter Solutions

We provide innovative data and analytics solutions. We develop strategies and systems that help predict the issues of tomorrow. We identify and eliminate technical debt. You benefit from our data and analytics methodologies, technology assets, and IP that can jump-start your project, leading to faster success in implementation, reduce cost, and risk, and lowered total cost of ownership.

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