Unleashing Data Magic: Discover Our Capabilities


We approach your business with no preconceptions. Our understanding of what your business needs is shaped by the data that we see and the analyses that we make. We believe that your business data is a treasure trove of information and the path to greater success for your organization lies within it. We use the knowledge and insights garnered with thorough and rigorous analyses of your data as inputs to elevate your business to a steeper growth curve.


We run a delivery organization that is geared to operate in close alignment with your organization irrespective of the place and time where you do business. Our offshore centre functions round the clock while our onsite team works from your office as part of your organization. We believe that working in such close coordination is what gives us the best insights into the way that you conduct your business and therefore helps us to understand and imbibe the way you think and plan your future.

Our unique delivery model that leverages people, processes and platforms is critical to understanding your business needs, whether explicit and stated or latent and unrecognized. This is what enables us in continuously articulating, shaping and delivering the services that will get you where you want to be even as your immediate priorities might keep changing over time.

Embedded Delivery Model

Our “Embedded Delivery Model” is designed to function in close proximity and in sync with your business. Our delivery structure is levered on Strategy, Control and Quality. Our onsite and onshore teams along with our offshore delivery center at Kolkata all work as an extended team to your organization that is fully integrated with your business. Our delivery center is functional 24x7 and this ensures that we are always around no matter where your clients are transacting with you.

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