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Enable control through last mile visibility in Inventory Management to gain clarity into deliveries

Manufacturing and Inventory Management

We worked for a well-known fan manufacturer that offers a variety of models such as ceiling, pedestal, exhaust, and table fans. They engage in multiple transactions to procure materials from various vendors and warehouses. Material conversion plays a crucial role in their manufacturing process, to enhance their productivity, we developed a project to manage material movements, maintain stock levels, and determine material value efficiently.

Manufacturing and Inventory Management
  • Automating the client's value chain is possible by integrating the core financials package into their mandate, resulting in a partial ERP solution.
  • Integration of the application with an existing core financials management package to enable the client to plan and control the production schedule.

  • Enhanced supply chain visibility through technologies like blockchain can provide transparency and traceability of fan components from raw materials to the finished product
  • Increased utilization of robotics and automation in manufacturing facilities can improve precision, speed up production cycles, and reduce labor costs
  • RFID technology can enhance real-time inventory tracking, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the location and status of fan components
  • E-commerce integration and direct-to-consumer models help fan businesses understand customer preferences, reduce lead times, and offer personalized products
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