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Revolutionizing structural maintenance with our Monitoring System

Device Integration and Visualization

We've developed the Civil Structure Health Monitoring System, which uses visualization software to monitor the health and performance of civil structures like bridges. Our client specializes in instrumentation services and innovative business solutions, with expertise in various domains including cement testing, material testing, and civil engineering. The system fetches sensor data and displays it visually.

Device Integration Visualization

The software empowers the company to track individual and group sensor readings, set conditional alarms, and retrieve statistical data. The following factors drive business value:

  • Utilization of sensor-based data to generate interactive graphical representations
  • Generation of reports enabling the company to identify and address any structural discrepancies easily.
  • Measure Sensor Drift against benchmark values
  • Measure and control drift in sensor networks
  • High-precision synchronized sensing
  • Algorithms used in damage detection and localization
  • Strategies to prevent drift, auto-calibrate sensors, and avoid data loss and timestamp errors.
  • Integrating remote sensing technology like UAVs, video-based infrared cameras, GPS, and cloud computing.
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